The Company

TEKNA srl is a dynamic and flexible company, fully committed to creating innovative machinery for Agriculture and Gardening. Founded from the experience acquired by the Caroli Family over the years, TEKNA srl operates in an indoor 2,500-square meter facility, availing itself with professional partners. All ideas are developed in-house, from the design with new three-dimensional CAD computer systems and machining with CNC machine tools to the in-house assembly of the entire product range.

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Domestic marketing takes place exclusively through a network of authorized dealers the essential prerogative of which is, in addition to reliability, professionalism and courtesy, After-Sales support and the supply of Original Spare parts.As for the Foreign Market, TEKNA products are marketed through Distributors & Importers who use their own sales and distribution networks to offer the end customer the full range of services, from sales to support. We are always in touch with our Customers, always listening to their valuable advice and suggestions, needed to develop new ideas or improve existing ones, to offer increasingly reliable and competitive machines.

Francesca Caroli


Antonio Caroli

Technical Area

Gianfranco Monopoli

Sales Area for Italy

Antonio Caroli

Sales Area Abroad

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