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The Chipper TEKNA TC08 is a machine suitable for shredding fresh prunings up to a max. diameter of 8 cm branches*.
It is equipped with a loading hopper of appropriate dimensions, and a cutting rotor with a blade plus L counterblade that make the preventive cutting of the branch. The action of chipping of the product to be shredded is entrusted to the presence of 6 “S shape” hammers.
The shredded material, properly dried, can be used for the production of pellets or for its direct use as fuel for wood chips boilers, as well as composting or mulching.
It is equipped with a 4-stroke HONDA petrol engine of 390 cc with belt transmission for optimal shredding power.
Its handling is done manually by means of two wheels and handles placed on the loading hopper.
The Crawler version is made up of the basic machine mounted on a TEKNA TT350 version of a Tracked Barrow, to be able to reach inaccessible places such as difficult terrain, woods or sloping terrain. With a special mounting kit and after disassembly of the box, you can adapt the chipper on all our Tracked Barrows version TT350 or TT500, making the two machines perfectly compatible and flexible in their use according to the needs.
*Depending on the type and hardness of wood to be shredded.

Description CHIPPER TC08
Engine 4-stroke HONDA petrol engine of 390 cc
Power 12 HP (8,9 kW) a 3600 rpm
Transmission Belt transmission
Cutting Blades n.1 Blade + n.1 L Counterblade
Max. working gradient 15° (Crawler version)
Number of Hammers 6
Max. diameter of Shredding 8 cm
Discharge Height 160 cm
Dimension 160 x 75 x 160h cm
Hourly production 3 / 4 mc/h
Dry weight 145 kg

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